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spcm drivers Version 3.05 build 8879 17th April 2014 | Spectrum

New File Versions

  • Library - DLL V3.05
  • Control Center V1.50

New Features

  • [SPCMDRV-652] Allow setup of Netbox FW V8
  • [SPCMDRV-659] Improve support for M2i system starhub feature
  • [SPCMDRV-554] M4i: saving date and time of last on-board calibration
  • [SPCMDRV-637] M4i: Make Power FW version visible from ControlCenter
  • [SPCMDRV-661] M4i: Show date and time of last onboard calibration
  • [SPCMDRV-677] M2i and M4i: Implementation of handle mapping (VISA TCP:IP address to standard handle)

Fixed Bugs

  • [SPCMDRV-606] Demo cards starhub versions (hardware and firmware) now set to latest version
  • [SPCMDRV-653] Closing Control Center with focus on "Support" tab shows Registry-Access Error
  • [SPCMDRV-666] M4i demo card reports zero modules
  • [SPCMDRV-668] Pressing ESC in speed test dialog causes crash if cached card is selected
  • [SPCMDRV-669] It was possible to start HW speed tests on cached cards
  • [SPCMDRV-670] Additional netbox discovery if box with two cards in network
  • [SPCMDRV-671] Nexbox information not shown for boxes with multiple cards
  • [SPCMDRV-674] Open Web Interface does not work on all nodes