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SBench 6 Version 6.2.15 build 11951 4th February 2016 | Spectrum

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-1971] Spread Display improvements
  • [SB-2385] Mark non-netbox remote cards in card selection dialog
  • [SB-2972] Missing trigger parameters added to detailed trigger dialog
  • [SB-3216] Display digital bus values in current view also in case there is no change in value
  • [SB-3240] Add highlighting to position marker of comment
  • [SB-3326] Use different icons for different imported file formats
  • [SB-3327] Improve replay streaming speed for binary and wave files
  • [SB-3354] Preview Progress with smaller increment for large data files
  • [SB-3367] Add separate Icon for distinguishing a demo node (card/sync/netbox) from a real-card node
  • [SB-3379] Allow arbitrary sorting of DI channels for bus combining
  • [SB-3387] Implement shortcuts at close dialog "overwrite config file".
  • [SB-3389] Allow use of "Delete" Key, to remove selected signal(s) from display
  • [SB-3390] Show also Bus number format in Channel dialog
  • [SB-3411] Description for display comments relate to non-movable comments and is outdated by now
  • [SB-3424] Show indicator that loop is still running

Fixed Bugs

  • [[SB-1619] Crash when starting SB with two Sync-Groups and first is already locked
  • [SB-1948] Activating/deactivating digital channels changes display focus even with no auto add/remove channel settings
  • [SB-2180] History mode unintentionally cleared in U(t) display after certain sample-rate changes
  • [SB-2692] Digital display corrupted when loading setup with history mode enabled
  • [SB-2736] Restored calculation that is not "in loop" does not create meaningful output
  • [SB-2937] Sometimes crash in export functions
  • [SB-2946] Memsize, Pre and Post not adjusted if number of channels is increased
  • [SB-3006] Filter calculation results with overrange are not clipped.
  • [SB-3267] Synced Spread display behaves strange when zooming other displays
  • [SB-3325] Adding calculation to existing project may cause crash
  • [SB-3341] Possible crash during export
  • [SB-3360] Replay underrun is displayed at next start
  • [SB-3364] Painting is wrong when resizing a digital display with enabled history mode
  • [SB-3365] Setup dialog for imported channel says "Setup calculated channel"
  • [SB-3368] Creating min and max calculation on same channels causes crash
  • [SB-3376] Double update when zooming out to full fit
  • [SB-3386] ASCII file with included channel header is not correctly imported on german locales
  • [SB-3388] Pattern trigger not correctly restored from config file
  • [SB-3393] Custom unit can be enabled without a unit
  • [SB-3394] Status of "Access driver before start" button of "Advanced Settings" dialog not stored in project
  • [SB-3398] Crash at wrong formel parentheses
  • [SB-3401] Changing settings in formula generator does not update calculated signal
  • [SB-3412] Display comments not movable in digital display
  • [SB-3413] Out of Memory error with 16k Histogram and many warnings of non-restorable signals when re-opening that saved pjoject
  • [SB-3416] Pattern settings not (always) properly written to driver
  • [SB-3418] Cannot manually restart calculations that are not "in loop"