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SBench 6 | Spectrum

Version 6.4.25 of 2nd December 2021

Small bug fixes on Export and EasyGenerator      more

Version 6.4.24 of 25th August 2021

Several small improvements and bug fixes      more

Version 6.4.23 of 21th April 2021

Support of M2p.75xx series      more

Version 6.4.22 of 11th March 2021

Improvements of plugin, direct csv import      more

Version 6.4.21 of 21st January 2021

Small bug fixes      more

Version 6.4.20 of 14th December 2020

Small improvements, link to how-to-videos      more

Version 6.4.19 of 22nd October 2020

ASCII Import/Export improved, single calulation values      more

Version 6.4.18 of 28th August 2020

Added 4/2/1 GS/s mode for 22xx series      more

Version 6.4.17 of 5th August 2020

Improvements on single value calculations; support for M4i.23xx      more

Version 6.4.16 of 28th Mai 2020

Improvement on AWG channels and outputs     more

Version 6.4.15 of 19th March 2020

Timestamps and single acquisitionsBug-fixes     more

Version 6.4.14 of 24th February 2020

Bug-fixes for new features     more

Version 6.4.13 of 30th January 2020

Plug-in interface added, Input channel preview added     more

Version 6.4.12 of 22nd November 2019

Small improvements, bug fixes     more

Version 6.4.11 of 15th October 2019

Support of M2p.591x series, new settings, bug fixes     more

Version 6.4.10 of 11th July 2019

Support of M2p.65xx series, temperature monitoring     more

Version 6.4.9 of 8th May 2019

Small improvements and bug fixes     more

Version 6.4.8 of 28th February 2019

PSD as new calculation, small improvements and bug fixes     more

Version 6.4.7 of 21st November 2018

Many small improvements and bug fixes to SBench 6 and SB6Convert     more

Version 6.4.6 of 11th September 2018

M2p Star-Hub support included     more

Version 6.4.5 of 6th August 2018

Small improvements and bug fixes     more

Version 6.4.4 of 4th June 2018

Function Generator supports user functions and syntax highlighing.     more

Version 6.4.3 of 26th April 2018

Support of M2p.59xx Series.     more

Version 6.4.2

Internal Release only

Version 6.4.1 of 12th December 2017

Support of Boxcar average changes.     more

Version 6.4 of 22nd August 2017

Streaming file form improvements. New underlying software structure    more

Version 6.3.5 of 26th April 2017

Straeming mode improvements, Boxcar Average     more

Version 6.3.4 of 15th March 2017

Improved MATLAB export, support of boxcar average node, dynamic parametr calculation improvement     more

Version 6.3.3 of 19th January 2017

Improvements on Easy Generator tool     more

Version 6.3.2 of 12th December 2016

Windows 64 bit version available     more

Version 6.3.1 of 22th November 2016

Bug-fixing for projects release, small improvements     more

Version 6.3.0 of 26th September 2016

Projects Release     more

Version 6.2.17 of 22th August 2016

Support of M4x.44xx, digitizerNETBOX DN6 and M4i.77xx     more

Version 6.2.16 of 12th May 2016

Small improvementes + bug fixes     more

Version 6.2.15 of 4th February 2016

Small improvementes + bug fixes     more

Version 6.2.14 of 3rd December 2015

Small improvementes + bug fixes     more

Version 6.2.13 of 22nd September 2015

Extended Report Functions added     more

Version 6.2.12 of 3rd August 2015

Support of M4i.663x 1.25 GS/s, support of new averaging version     more

Version 6.2.11 of 4th June 2015

Support of new M4i.66xx AWG, import/export improvements     more

Version 6.2.10 of 27th February 2015

Support of new M4i.44xx digital input feature, ASCII import improvements     more

Version 6.2.9 of 28th January 2015

Import/export/store bugs fixed.     more

Version 6.2.8 of 17th December 2014

Sime fixes for M4i.22xx series.     more

Version 6.2.7 of 9th December 2014

Small improvements and bug fixes.     more

Version 6.2.6 of 8th October 2014

Support of M4i.22xx series, Timestamp Table Display, Moveable comments     more

Version 6.2.5 of 29th July 2014

Improved streaming, added new M4i features, many bug fixes    more

Version 6.2.4 of 7th May 2014

Improvements and bug fixes for digitizerNETBOX support    more

Version 6.2.3 of 17th April 2014

Zero padding for FFT, some small bug fixes    more

Version 6.2.2 of 21st March 2014

Base License supports multiple cards, some bug fixes    more

Version 6.2.1 of 4th February 2014

Support for PXI synchronisation.   more

Version 6.2.0 of 28th November 2013

Support for M4i series.   more

Version 6.1.11 of 21st August 2013

Some bug fixes for digitizerNETBOX access.   more

Version 6.1.10 of 12th August 2013

Some bug fixes for display and comments.    more

Version 6.1.9 of 3rd June 2013  

Support for digitizerNETBOX and remote cards, moving average and display comment formats.    more

Version 6.1.8 of 18th April 2013  

Implementation of MX.49xx and MC.49xx series, XY Display allows to change x-axis and y-axis by drag and drop, FIR filter allows to load/save coefficient to/from file, a lot of bug fixes.    more

Version 6.1.7 of 4th December 2012

Added card selection to setup file to allow different card groups, added paper orientation settings in print dialog, all printout settings stored in cinfig file, some bugs fixed.   more