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Portable Systems | Spectrum

Portable Systems

An individual portable system makes a powerful portable instrument from the Spectrum plug-in cards. Adding one or more of the fast Spectrum digitizer cards together with the powerful SBench 6 software package allows to setup a portable transient recorder or data recorder. The system can be used as a shared instrument in laboratory, carried to a customers side for on-site measurements or used for mobile data acquisition in different applications.

Portable instruments as all other individual systems can house a wide variety of cards from Spectrum. Different system setups are possible:

  • Large number of synchronous acquisition channels
  • Synchronous waveform generation and acquisition in one system
  • Mixed mode systems containing analog and digital channels
  • Mobile fast continuous data acquisition using todays SSD technology

SBench 6

SBench 6 OverviewSBench 6 is the out-of-the-box software solution from Spectrum, designed to support all features of the Spectrum product range. SBench 6 is able to act as a simple oscilloscope software as well as a versatile transient recording software, handling GBytes of data files and offering analysis, export and documentation features. SBench 6


The digitizerNETBOX is an alternative to a complete system housing one or more Spectrum measurement cards. The digitizerNETBOX instrument can simply be connected to any PC which is connected to the LAN. No PC has to be opened and no system hardware configuration is needed. digitizerNETBOX

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