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Applications - Notes and Studies | Spectrum

This section gives you an overview of all application related information that can be found on our website. The application section will help you to determine how Spectrums Digitizer, Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), Transient Recorder, analog and digital data acquisition cards and instruments for PCIe, PXIe, PCI, PXI, cPCI, Ethernet (LAN) and LXI match different application areas.


Read a short introduction on the benefits of modular instrumentation:   Introduction

Application Areas

Learn which features the Spectrum products offer for different application areas and find direct links to secondary information on related topics:   Application Areas

Product Notes

In this section there are larger documents that focus on product operation and product selection. Here you will find fundamental information about Digitizers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators:   Product Notes

Application Notes

These documents describe specific classes of measurement and typically include several worked examples:   Application Notes

Case Studies

The case studies show realized customer applications with details on the technical background and information on how the Spectrum products are being used:   Case Studies

Eductational Tools

Different educational tools including an academic guide to SBench 6. This section teaches how to operate the software and software simulated hardware:   Educational Tools

Research Papers

Spectrum products are often used for research applications. This section links a couple of released research papers where Spectrum products played a key role for the success:   Research Papers