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MICX drivers Version 4.04 build 7659 of 18th April 2013 | Spectrum

Fixed Bugs

  • [MICXDRV-58] Offset setup now works for MX.46 series    
  • [MICXDRV-60] Problem when re-loading kernel module on 64 bit systems    
  • [MICXDRV-61] Minimum memsize is wrong for MI.31 series    
  • [MICXDRV-65] Clock correction for MX boards that use the PXI Ref-Clock with or without the MX.9010.    
  • [MICXDRV-66] MI driver: SPC_GETDRVTYPE correction of wrong reported value at Windows 64 bit systems    
  • [MICXDRV-68] Crash with two synced MC.47    
  • [MICXDRV-72] MICX 46/47/49: Not implemented channel steepness trigger mode was settable    
  • [MICXDRV-75] 64bit program causes crash if all lower 4GB of memory are in use    
  • [MICXDRV-76] Linux driver does not compile on kernel 3.7    
  • [MICXDRV-77] 64 Bit kernel driver does not handle high addresses correctly