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MI/MC/MX Driver | Spectrum

This page shows the changelog for the MICX drivers for MI, MC and MX series. For information on the spcm drivers which are suitable for M2i, M3i, M4i and digitizerNETBOX series please see here.

Version 4.09 of 22nd March 2017

Support for newer Linux versions added. Windows 10 signature   more

Version 4.08 of 4th February 2014

Small bug fixes   more

Version 4.07 of 28th November 2013

Bug fixes for 49xx series. Logging moved in registry   more

Version 4.06 of 28th November 2013

CD files resorted

Version 4.05 of 3rd June 2013

Support of MX.49xx and MC.49xx.   more

Version 4.04 of 18th April 2013

Some Linux and Windows 64 bit bug fixes.   more

Version 4.03 of 12th November 2012

Support for Suse 12.2.   more

Version 4.02 of 8th August 2012

Support for Ubuntu, Some bug fixes   more