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M4i.xx Power Control | Spectrum

Version 1.09 of 1st June 2018

  • [FW-459] Support of second FPGA boot device as alternative source implemented

Version 1.08 of 28th November 2016

  • [FW-368] Additional LED failure blink code for FPGA boot failed to avoid confusion with failed PCIe link training blink code

Version 1.07 of 25th November 2016

  • [FW-366] Seldom FPGA boot fails after a power-on event
  • Support of new PCB version

Version 1.06 of 22th August 2016

  • Support of different interal boot EEPROM
  • Bug-Fix: LED does not blink if PCIexpress connection is completely missing

Version 1.05 of 12th March 2014

  • Bug-Fix: Seldom card start-up failure on some systems due to malfunction on power input detection
  • Bug-Fix: Power brick doesn't lock on provided frequency resulting in addtional noise

Version 1.04 of 20th November 2013

  • First official released version

Version 1.03 of 5th November 2013

  • Internal test release

Version 1.02 of 14th August 2013

  • prototype version delivered to selected customers