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Linux Drivers | Spectrum

This standard driver is included in the card delivery and it is possible to get the newest driver version free of charge from our homepage at any time. There are no additional SDK fees for the supported programming languages and standard 3rd party product drivers. The driver has an unique interface for all boards within one series allowing an easy switch from one card type to another without big changes in the software. The different functionality of the boards is realized with the help of board specific software registers.

Supported Linux Versions

  • Kernel Version 2.6 and newer
  • More than 50 pre-compiled and tested kernel driver modules: see list
  • Support of newest Debian, Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu distribution
  • Full 32 Bit and 64 Bit support

Kernel Driver Sources

As the kernel driver module has to exactly match the installed Linux distribution it is often necessary to get the kernel driver sources to compile the kernel driver module on the target system. Spectrum is handing out the kernel driver sources upon request. Using the included compile scripts it is only a question of a few minutes until a perfectly matching kernel driver module is available. Learn more