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SBench 6 | Spectrum

In general SBench 6 supports all cards of one family (like M2i and M2i Express family) that run the same mode (acquisition or generation) and are connected with a star-hub or are single cards.

SBench 6 is a monolithic software and not a programming language. It has been optimized for the Spectrum hardware and has been programmed from scratch. To have best performance every part of the software is connected to other parts to route data fast and to offer a lot of functions.

This document shows how to export data from SBench 6 into imc Famos for further data processing and analysis.

SBench 6 doesn't have a dedicated data export for National Instruments Diadem. Instead there are two import filters of diadem software that allow to import SBench 6 supported file formats.

This article shows step by step how to load a SBench 6 zipped project file (extension *.sb6prz). The zipped project file includes all settings and data of a project and can be used to easily send SBench 6 projects by email.

In general we're open for any suggestion. A lot of the features of the todays version has been added by customer request or by requests of our own in-house production test team. Please get in contact with us and explain your ideas.

The base license is just intended for first tests of the newly purchased hardware, for programming reference and for check in case of a suspected hardware failure. It is not intended to give a free software version for daily work.

The auto storage function of SBench 6 only supports binary file formats as it is optimized for high speed streaming and high data throughput. File formats that need a lot of data conversion processing like ASCII and MATLAB are therefore not supported by streaming or auto storage functions.

The SBench 6 data file is our internal file format containing all detail about the acquisition and the different data streams. The data format is not open to public as it changes quite often and as it also contains license information.