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Digitizers | Spectrum

The table gives an overview on the differences of all current Spectrum 8 bit digitizer cards. The Spectrum 8 bit digitizer range from 50 MS/s up to 5 GS/s and are available with one, two or four channels.

The article compares the older high-speed, high-resolution M3i series 32xx, 41xx and 48xx with the newer M4i.44xx series and show all the technical differences. The table compares all Spectrum products between 100 MS/s and 500 MS/s sampling rate with a resolution of ≥12 bit

This article explains the differences between slow to mid speed 16 bit digitizer series from Spectrum and compares the input amplifier section details. These 3 product series cover the range between 100 kS/s and 125 MS/s both with single-ended and differential inputs

All acquisition and generation cards from Spectrum are built with a completely synchronous design. Every channel has its own independent input/output amplifier as well as an independent A/D converter.

On the first look when comparing PCIe digitizer M2i.465x series with M2i.491x series (the same for Ethernet/LXI digitizer DN2.465-xx and DN2.491-xx) one will only see the higher sampling rate of the 491x series and may wonder where the higher price of the 3 MS/s 465x series compared to the 10 MS/s 491x series comes from. This comparison will show the technical differences and advantages of the one product compared to the other.