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Application Notes | Spectrum

The use of lower voltage rails in current integrated circuits requires power supply designs with tighter dynamic specifications for those supplies. In addition, multi-rail power supplies require test instruments that can analyze multiple channels simultaneously. They must also provide very high dynamic range (up to 16 bits) and acquire very long records with high time resolution. Modular digitizers fill this need offering 16 bit digitizers with up to 256 channels and record lengths to 512 Mega Samples.

The development of laser technology over 50 years ago led to the creation of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems that delivered a breakthrough in the way distances are calculated. The principles of LIDAR are much the same as those used by radar.

Bei den meisten modernen PC-basierten Digitizern und Datenerfassungssystemen ist ein häufiges Problem der Tatsache geschuldet, dass die Analog/Digital-Wandler-Technologie (ADC-Technologie) in der Regel weiter entwickelt ist als die PC-Bus-Technologie. Bei sehr schnellen und hoch auflösenden Digitizer-Produkten führt dies zu Engpässen, wenn der ADC wesentlich mehr Daten digitalisieren kann, als problemlos in die PC-Umgebung übertragen werden können.

Using Modular Digitizers for Physical Level Characterization of Remote Keyless Entry devices

When it comes to making measurements with modular digitizers it is important to be aware of some common setup problems that will result in bad data and lost time. Among the setup issues that can arise are aliasing, insufficient amplitude resolution, incorrect amplitude range selection, improper coupling, improper termination, poor trigger setup, and excessive noise and spurious pickup. This article will look into each of these issues and provide insight into how to prevent these errors from occurring.

When selecting a digitizer for acquiring electronic signals the primary specifications considered tend to be sampling rate, bandwidth and resolution. While sample rate and bandwidth are crucial for revealing a signals time and frequency content it’s the third parameter, resolution, which is the most vital for detecting amplitude changes and revealing waveform details. Unfortunately, many people confuse resolution with accuracy, precision and sensitivity.

Source-Response-Testing with AWGs and Digitizers combined in one instrument

The scientific field of Mass Spectrometry (MS) has been under constant research and development for over a hundred years, ever since scientists discovered that charged particles could be separated via electromagnetic fields based on their charge-to-mass ratio (Q/m). While spectrometry systems now come in numerous configurations their performance largely depends on a few fundamental elements.

Measurements on mechanical devices and systems using a modular digitizer requires the use of a variety of transducers or sensors in order to convert mechanical parameters such as force, acceleration, pressure, rotational speed, and their kindred into electrical signals you can measure.

Line power measurements are commonly required to evaluate the performance of devices or circuits. Modular digitizers can make these power measurements. Digitizers are voltage responding measurement instruments. They can also measure current using suitable current probes or current shunts.