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How to get SBench 6 data into imc Famos | Spectrum

Wikipedia about FAMOS:

FAMOS is a graphical data analysis program for evaluating and visually displaying measurement results. The program, whose name is an acronym for Fast Analysis And Monitoring Of Signals, was introduced in 1987 by the German company imc Meßsysteme GmbH (integrated measurement & control) in Berlin for Windows 2.11. According to its manufacturer, FAMOS offers high speed display and processing of data sets of any size.

SBench 6 doesn't have a dedicated export filter for imc FAMOS but there are a couple of compatible formats that allow to transfer data acquired with SBench 6 to imc FAMOS analysis software:

  • Wave format: the wave format can be used as a target format for automatic data storage and for streaming data. imc FAMOS allows to directly import wave files into the software
  • ASCII format: all acquired data can be exported by SBench 6 to ASCII format using different text formatting including time values and header information. The powerful ASCII import filter of imc FAMOS analyzes the ASCII file and detects the format automatically. Furthermore it allows to select the channel header information from the ASCII file.
  • Matlab format: SBench 6 can export data into matlab file format which can be directly read by imc FAMOS software.

All above mentioned data transfer methods have been tested using imc FAMOS reader 7.1 and SBench 6.2