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digitizerNETBOX Firmware | Spectrum

Learn how to update the firmware image and all components of the digitizerNETBOX:   digtizerNETBOX firmware update

Versions not listed here just contain new downloadable software and driver versions and no new features or bug fixes for the digitizerNETBOX itself.

Version 67 of 18th January 2021

  • FIFO-DMA transfer from Netbox stops after a few minutes to a few hours

Version 62 of 28th May 2020

  • web interface reworked for better visibility
  • web interface missing information added

Version 61 of 23rd April 2020

  • output of boot process on debug COM port (only available for newer hardware versions)

Version 55 of 15th October 2019

  • Small improvements on internal server   more

Version 53 of 24th June 2019

  • Bug-fix in internal server   more

Version 41 of 22nd August 2017

  • Firmware download size extremely reduced   more

Version 35 of 15th December 2016

  • Updates to embedded software   more

Version 34 of 22nd November 2016

  • NTP service available on embedded version   more

Version 33 of 27th October 2016

  • New driver version added to image   more

Version 32 of 26th September 2016

  • digitizerNETBOX DN6 fan speed and temperature readable   more

Version 31 of 22th August 2016

  • Support of digitizerNETBOX DN6    more

Version 28 of 12th May 2016

  • Support of DN2.66x, reboot bug fixed   more

Version 27 of 12th May 2016

  • New firmware image format. Base version for all future versions   more

Version 26 of 4th February 2016

  • Support of DN2.47x series   more

Version 23 of 22nd September 2015

  • Support of Embedded Server Option   more

Version 21 of 17th July 2015

  • Internal release only

Version 7 of 14th February 2014

  • Firmware image structure reworked. Updated possible   more

Version 6 of 19th December 2013

  • DN2.44x series   more

Version 5 of 12th December 2013

  • DN2.20x series  more

Version 4 of 21st August 2013

  • Custom DN2.486 product   more

Version 3 of 4th July 2013

  • Bug fixes, hardware information storage   more

Version 2 of 3rd July 2013

Version 1 of 3rd June 2013

  • First version.   more