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Digital FX2 Connection and Cables | Spectrum

All Spectrum d40 FX2 type connections are 40 pole half pitch (Hirose FX2 series). One adapter cable to IDC for this connection is included in the delivery for each connector.

d40 Adapter cable FX2 d40 to 2 x IDCFX2 to IDC

The cable has two 20 pole IDC socket connectors for easy connection to the DUT or to connect additional signals or cables directly. As the cable is standard flat ribbon it is also possible to press own connectors onto this cable.

  • Cab-d40-IDC-100: 100 cm cable d40 FX2 to 2 x IDC

d40 Adapter cable d40 FX2 to d40 FX2FX2 to d40 FX2

This adapter cable gives a straight through connection to another FX2 connector.

  • Cab-d40-d40-100: 100 cm cable d40 FX2 to d40 FX2