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Comparison of M4i (PCIe) and M4x (PXIe) platform | Spectrum

The M4i (PCIe) and M4x (PXIE) cards are both based on the same hardware platform. In fact the analag front-end module is exactly the same. Therefore all analog specification is identical on both platforms. There are a few differences between the two types based on the interface and the available options:

  M4i (PCIe) M4x (PXIe) Comment
Module Interface PCIe x8 Gen2 PCIe x4 Gen2 only half of the lanes connected on the PXIe slot
Data transfer speed 3.0 to 3.4 GB/s 1.5 to 1.7 GB/s faster streaming speed on PCIe
Module Size ¾ size PCIe single slot 3U double slot  
Analog Connectors 4 x SMA 4 x SMA  
Clock/Trigger Input 2 x SMA 2 x SMA  
Clock/Trigger Output 2 x MMCX 2 x SMA Different connector type on PXIe
Multi-Purpose I/O 3 x MMCX 3 x MMCX  
Internal Synchronization Star-Hub PXI lines PCIe platform allows it internally synchronize up to 8 cards with lowest skew
Internal Clock Programmable Programmable  
Reference Clock External External or PXI  
Trigger External, Channel External, Channel, PXI Support of PXI Star-Trigger and trigger bus
Mechanical Fixture Front panel + connector Front panel + connector + slides  
Cooling System dependent Defined by PXI