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Blogarchiv 2021 | Spectrum

Blogarchiv 2021

Hydrogen fuel cells will play an important role in cutting carbon emissions especially for mobile applications such as automotive and heavy duty trucks and buses. Having water vapor as the only emission, the fuel is hydrogen that is abundant and can be made using renewable energy.
MRI scanners are a key diagnostic tool but they are big, very heavy and need liquid helium to cool them.
The fight against the Corona virus does not only take place in medical laboratories, but also in computing. Handling the huge amounts of data for vaccine development requires advanced tools: “Julia”, a relatively new software language, has surged in popularity.
The release of a new Digital I/O card from Spectrum Instrumentation offers engineers and scientists a cost-effective way to generate and acquire fast digital signals. The model M2p.7515-x4 is a half-length PCIe card that measures just 168 x 107 mm (6.6 x 4.2 inches) in size.
Following a number of requests from its customers, Spectrum Instrumentation now offers driver support for the NVIDIA Jetson, a series of embedded computing boards from NVIDIA.