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Software Updates | Spectrum

Major software updates to drivers and SBench 6
September 2017 saw some major software updates at Spectrum – both for drivers and our own software SBench 6. On a first view everything looks the same as before but underneath the surface there have been some big changes and improvements:

Driver version 4.00

is now based on the Microsoft Extended Validation (EV) signature. This gives full support for the secure boot option that is activated by default by Windows 10 starting with version 1607. Drivers without this signature haven't been able to be installed on a system with activated secure boot option. Secure boot prevents the system from loading of any drivers or OS loaders that are not digitally signed by Microsoft.

To support this in an easy way the internal driver installation process has been changed and the driver now comes as a installer that automatically installs all necessary kernel and library components.

See the complete changelog with more new features.

SBench 6 Version 6.4

SBench 6 has gone through some major internal software structure changes. The development moved to a newer compiler version and is now using the latest Qt GUI library. Therefore some slight changes in the look and feel of the GUI may appear.

More interesting for streaming customer: the internal streaming data organization has been updated. Now it is possible to stream data to disk with synchronized cards using any combination of enabled channels on the cards. This optimizes the performance as one can use the full capacity of the streaming speed for any channel combination that is currently needed. Before all cards had to have the same number of channels activated.

See the complete changelog with more new features and bug-fixes.

Update Check

Did you notice that all Spectrum software packages can perform an update check? Earlier this year an (optionally) automatic check for the latest software release has been added to the Spectrum Control Center and to SBench 6. If activated the version is checked on each software start against the latest version on the website. You don't miss any bug-fixes or new features any more when using this!