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A/D and Digitizer Cards Overview | Spectrum

A/D cards and Digitizers

Digitizers are the standard tool to get analog data into a PC for further processing.  They differ in the platform, sampling rate, resolution, number of channels, memory and different modes available. There are different names for the same type of product: A/D cards, Digitizers, Transient Recorders, Data Acquisition Cards, Scope Cards, PC Scope and more. Read more about digitizers

Common Applications for Digitizers

The Spectrum Digitizer is a high precision tool that can be used in a huge variety of applications. Some of them are:

  • Radar and Lidar data acquisition
  • ATE
  • Research and Development
  • OEM Products
  • More Applications

PCI Express and PCI Platform for Standard PC Systems

PCI Express and PCI CardPCI Express and PCI are the standard platforms on mainstream and commercial PC systems. Todays ATX motherboards have 3 to 5 PCI Express slots and 1 to 2 PCI or PCI-X slots but there are also systems available with up to 20 slots in a 19" rack.

PCI Express and PCI A/D Products

cPCI and PXI Standard for industrial PC Systems

CompactPCI and PXI CardsCompactPCI and PXI cards are based on 19" rack mount technology and offer an enhanced industrial grade of products. Robust connections, defined cooling and access to the cards from the front plate are the main benefits of this product line.

cPCI and PXI A/D Products

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