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70xx Digital I/O 125 MS/s | Spectrum

Digital Pattern Generator and Digital Waveform Analyzer
Up to 125 MS/s
Different versions with 16 to 64 digital channels
Input impedance 110 Ohm by software
3.3 V and 5 V TTL compatible
FIFO mode for input and output included
Sequence mode
Easy synchronization with A/D and D/A products


The 70xx series is a multi purpose digital I/O card that can be used as a pattern generator, logic analyzer, digital waveform generator and many more. The card can easily be synchronized internally with matching A/D cards like 20xx series or 49xx series and also with matching D/A cards like 60xx series or 61xx series.

The digital I/O channels are compatible with 3.3 V TTL as well as 5 V TTL and in case of use as a pattern generator they're able to drive a load of 110 ohms.

Alternative Products

Alternative product for pattern generation with programmable output levels and for high speed waveform acquisitin are available:

  • 72xx series: pattern generator with programmable output levels up to 40 MS/s
  • 77xx series: high speed digital waveform acquisition up to 720 MS/s with LVDS and single-ended interface


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