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61xx 8 Bit Waveform Gen. 125 MS/s | Spectrum

Unique: waveform output with FIFO mode
Simultaneous waveform generation on all channels
Up to 1 GSample memory per channel
Output +/-3 V into 50 ohm
Programmable output offset and level per channel
Software selectable filters
Combinable with A/D and Digital I/O products
output amplifer option wiht +/-10 V available
Sequence mode


The 61xx series is a special arbitrary waveform generator with reduced resolution that allows to stream output data with high speed due to the reduced memory transfer bandwidth compared to high resolution arbitrary waveform generators. The 61xx series has some outstanding features that other manufacturers doesn't offer:

  • Up tp 4 sycnhronous channels on one card
  • Integrated FIFO mode
  • Easy internal synchronization with A/D cards (20xx series) and digital I/O cards (70xx series)
  • Different output modes: singleshot, loop, start, single restart, multiple replay, gated replay, sequence mode

Alternative Products

If the 8 bit resolution of the 61xx series is not enough there is an alternative product which only differs in the DAC resolution and also offering more sampling rate choices:

  • 60xx series: 14 bit arbitrary waveform generator with 1 to 4 channels 20 MS/s to 125 MS/s

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