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49xx 16 Bit Digitizers 60 MS/s | Spectrum

10, 30 MS/s or 60 MS/s with 16 bit ADc resolution
Software selectable single-ended and true differential inputs
4 up to 48 simultaneous channels
6 input ranges
Additional digital inputs as option available
Programmable input offset of ±100%
FIFO mode included
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode
Spike Trigger


The 49xx series has been released end of 2012 and offers best performance and a lot of features. It is a replacement for several older cards with 12 bit and 14 bit resolution. But there are also some outstanding new features build in. The analog inputs can be switched by software command between single-ended and true differential (each two single-ended inputs become one true differential input).

The powerful digital input option allows for the first time to build mixed mode systems with 16 bit analog resolution. The digital inputs are fully software programmable and can be placed either into the data of an analog channel, reducing the analog resolution to 14 bit (2 digital channels) or to 12 bit (4 digital channels) or 16 digital channels can replace one analog channel completely.

The 49xx series can be directly synchronized with the 60xx series of arbitrary waveform generators or the 70xx series of fast digital i/o cards.

Alternative Products

The 49xx series covers the speed range between 10 MS/s and 60 MS/s. If you need less or more speed there are alternative products available:

  • 46xx series: 16 bit A/D cards in the range between 200 kS/s and 3 MS/s
  • 59xx series: 1 to 8 channel 16 bit digitizer up to 125 MS/s
  • 44xx series: Fast 14 and 16 bit digitizer up to 500 MS/s with high-speed streaming interface

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