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48xx 16 Bit Digitizers 180 MS/s | Spectrum

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More than 12 ENOB at 100 MS/s
High resolution digitizer well suited for OEM solutions
Versions with 65 MS/s, 105 MS/s and 180 MS/s
1 or 2 channel versions available
256 MSample memory up to 2 GSample
6 input ranges between +/-200 mV and +/-10 V
Powerful memory segmentation modes
Streaming mode
Multiple cards can be synchronized


The 48xx series is designed for fast and high quality data acquisition. It can be used easily in OEM solutions where only one channel is needed or synchronous systems of up to 16 channels can be set up. Using the memory segmentation mode Multiple Recording together with the FIFO streaming mode and the very small rearm time allows to record continuously fast repetative signals.

Alternative Products

Other high speed high resolution digitizers with either higher ADC resolution or higher sampling speed are available from Spectrum:

  • 59xx series: 1 to 8 channel 16 bit digitizer up to 125 MS/s
  • 44xx series: Fast 14 and 16 bit digitizer up to 500 MS/s with high-speed streaming interface
  • 22xx series: Ultra-fast 8 bit digitizer with up to 5 GS/s

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