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47xx 16 Bit Digitizers 1 MS/s | Spectrum

16 or 8 simultaneous channels per card
Systems with up to 256 synchronous channels
Speed grades between 100 kS/s and 1.33 MS/s
8 input ranges
FIFO mode included
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode
Spike Trigger


The 47xx series has been optimized for a high channel count on a single card. There are up to 16 simultaneous channels on the card, each with its own ADC and own programmable amplifier with 8 different input ranges. Utilizing several 47xx series cards within one system synchronized with the star-hub one can build up multi channel systems up to 256 synchronous channels. Each of the channels can be used as trigger source with a combination of AND and OR conjunctions allowing to monitor all channels simultaneously.

Alternative Products

There are some alternative products if you need true differential inputs, a higher sampling speed or less channels per card:

  • 46xx series: 16 bit 8 channel digitizer with differential inputs between 200 kS/s and 3 MS/s
  • 59xx series: 1 to 8 channel 16 bit digitizer up to 125 MS/s

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