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46xx 16 Bit Digitizers 3 MS/s | Spectrum

Single-Ended and Differential Inputs software selectable
2, 4 or 8 channels with simultaneous sampling
Speed grades between 200 kS/s and 3 MS/s available
Each channel can be switched separately between single-ended and true differential
8 input ranges
Programmable input offset of +/-5 V
FIFO mode included
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode
Spike Trigger


The 46xx series offers an extremely high quality ADC with separate amplifier per channel and has best dynamic performance for high resolution frequency measurements. Each channel can be switched individually by software between single-ended input and true differential input. The 46xx series is well suited for audio applications.

The fast bus interface allows to stream with full speed to the system memory or to hard disk (FIFO mode). Using this FIFO mode one can do continuous acquisitions of several GBytes of data. The FIFO mode can be combined with integrated memory segmentation modes to further decrease the acquired data volume.

Alternative Products

The 46xx series is a state-of-the-art A/D card offering up to 8 channels up to 3 MS/s. Please have a look at these other products from Spectrum if you need higher sampling frequencies or more channels per card:

  • 49xx series: 16 bit 8 channel digitizer between 10 MS/s and 60 MS/s
  • 47xx series: 16 bit 16 channel A/D card between 100 kS/s and 1.33 MS/s


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