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40xx 14 Bit Digitizers 50 MS/s | Spectrum

High resolution OEM product
Best matching pairing with waveform generator
1, 2 or 4 simultaneous channels
Separate ADC and amplifier per channel
6 input ranges
Programmable input offset of +/-200%
FIFO mode included
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode


The 40xx series is a mid range versatile digitizer with a good resolution of 14 bit and a lot of features. It is often used by OEM customers in medical and ultrasound appplications. The two different speed grades of 20 MS/s and 50 MS/s and the free choice in the number of channels allow to select a perfect matching product for volume applications having a good price/performance ranking.

The 40xx series can be paired with a 60xx series arbitrary waveform generator sharing the same resolution and also sharing the digital mixed mode option. This makes the setup of stimulus-response systems or record/replay systems easy.

Alternative Products

There are other products available from Spectrum with higher resolution or more performance:

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