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31xx 12 Bit Digitizers 25 MS/s | Spectrum

Up to 8 channels with 25 MS/s
Separate ADC and amplifier per channel
Simultaneous sampling on all channels
8 input ranges per channel
Speed grades 1 MS/s, 10 MS/s, 25 MS/s
Programmable input offset of +/-100%
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode
Mixed Mode option: 32 digital inputs available


The 31xx series offers up to 8 synchronous 12 bit channels with separate ADC and separate amplifier. Using the star-hub option one can set up systems with up to 128 synchronous 12 bit channels with sampling speed of 25 MS/s per channel! When comparing this product with competitor products one has to keep in mind that all 8 channels are running synchronously with full speed. There is no multiplexing on the channels like it is often done for cards with the speed grades of 100 kS/s, 200 KS/s, 1 MS/s, 1.8 MS/s, 2 MS/s

Alternative Products

The 31xx series was one of the first simultaneous multi channel digitizers on the market. It has been sold in huge numbers and will be available still for years to cover existing projects. Nowadays there are some alternative products available with higher resolution and better signal quality:

  • 46xx series: 16 bit 8 channel digitizer between 200 kS/s and 3 MS/s
  • 59xx series: 1 to 8 channel 16 bit up to 125 MS/s

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