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30xx 12 Bit Digitizers 200 MS/s | Spectrum

Up to 17 different models per platform
Up to 4 simultaneous channels
Up to 200 MS/s
Separate ADC and amplifier per channel
6 input ranges
Programmable input offset of +/-100%
FIFO mode included
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode


The 30xx family is available on different platforms and offers a wide range of different models. The series was designed as multi-purpose digitizer with sampling rates between 40 MS/s and 200 MS/s. Up to 17 different versions per platform with sampling rate of 40 MS/s, 50 MS/s, 60 MS/s, 80 MS/s, 100 MS/s and 200 MS/s together with either one, two or four simultaneous channels allow to select the very exact matching product for the application.

The 30xx family can be used to set up recording/replay applications using the 60xx arbitrary waveform generator series. Mixed mode applications can also be designed using the 70xx family of general purpose fast digital I/O cards.

Alternative Products

The 30xx series has been one of the first series for the modular Spectrum platform. Meanwhile there are alternatives for different platforms with higher resolution, more speed, better performance or more channels:


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