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21xx 8 Bit Digitizers 1 GS/s | Spectrum

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500 MHz Bandwidth
1 or 2 channels
8 input ranges between +/-50 mV and +/-10 V
Programmable input offset
Up to 4 GSamples on-board memory
Powerful memory segmentation modes
Streaming mode
Multiple cards can be synchronized


The 21xx series is a high speed digitizer that covers a lot of test and OEM applications. Both input channels have their own ADC and their own programmable input amplifier. The standard on-board memory is 512 MSamples large and can be extended to 4 GSamples. The complete memory is used as a FIFO buffer when running streaming mode. Together with the memory segmentation modes and the fast rearm time this allows continuous operation for fast trigger events.

Alternative Products

When a higher resolution is needed there are several alternative products from Spectrum:

  • 22xx series: 8 bit digitizer up to 5 GS/s
  • 41xx series: 14 bit digitizer up to 400 MS/s
  • 32xx series: 12 bit digitizer up to 500 MS/s
  • 48xx series: 16 bit digitizer up to 180 MS/S

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