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20xx 8 Bit Digitizers 200 MS/s | Spectrum

Cost effective simple OEM solution
Up to 200 MS/s sampling rate
Separate ADC and amplifier per channel
7 input ranges
Programmable input offset
FIFO (Streaming) mode included
Fast repetition rate in segmentation mode
90 MHz bandwidth


The 20xx family is available as different plug-in cards. The series has been designed as multi-purpose digitizer with sampling rates between 50 MS/s and 200 MS/s. The complete series is well suited as a cost effective OEM product for ultrasound, LDA, PDA and radar aplications.

The 20xx family can be used to support recording/replay applications using the 61xx arbitrary waveform generator series. Mixed mode applications can also be designed using the 70xx family of general purpose fast digital I/O cards.

Alternative Products

The 20xx series is still the first choice for a simple 8 bit digitizer in the speed range between 50 MS/s and 200 MS/s. However there are alternatives with higher resolution and more speed:

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