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M4x.44xx-x4 PXI Express (PXIe) x4 | Spectrum

14/16 bit digitizer up to 500 MS/s
Models with 130 MS/s, 250 MS/s or 500 MS/s
2 or 4 channel versions
Simultaneously sampling on all channels
Separate ADC and amplifier per channel
6 input ranges: +/-200 mV up to +/-10 V
Window, re-arm, OR/AND trigger
2 GSample on-board memory

The M4x.44xx PXI Express (PXIe) x4 family

The 6 models of the M4x.44xx PXI Express (PXIe) series are designed for the fast and high quality data acquisition. Each of the input channels has its own A/D converter and its own programmable input amplifier. This allows to record signals simultaneously on up to 4 channels with 14 bit resolution (500 MS/s version) or 16 bit resolution (130 and 250 MS/s version) without any phase delay between them. The extremely large on-board memory allows long time recording even with the highest sampling rates. All boards of the M4x.44xx series may use the whole installed on-board memory for the currently activated number of channels. A FIFO mode is also integrated on the board. This allows the acquisition of data continuously for online processing or for data storage to hard disk.

PXI Express2316 Bit
130 MS/s (1 active channel)
65 MHz
PXI Express4316 Bit
130 MS/s (4 active channels)
65 MHz
PXI Express2316 Bit
250 MS/s (2 active channels)
125 MHz
PXI Express4316 Bit
250 MS/s (4 active channels)
125 MHz
PXI Express2314 Bit
500 MS/s (2 active channels)
250 MHz
PXI Express4314 Bit
500 MS/s (4 active channels)
250 MHz

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