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The digitizerNETBOX is an alternative to a complete system housing one or more Spectrum measurement cards. The digitizerNETBOX instrument can simply be connected to any PC with a LAN interface.

digitizerNETBOX - Ethernet/LXI

16 channel digitizerNETBOXThe digitizerNETBOX is a remote solution that is connected by Ethernet (LAN) suiting the LXI standard. The digitizerNETBOX can be used faceless bench-top instrument directly connected to a laptop or desktop PC or as 19" instrument connected to the company lan and accessible from anywhere. Read more

digitizerNETBOX - Slideshow

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Digitizer Instruments

Digitizers are the standard tool to get analog data into a PC for further processing.  They differ in the platform, sampling rate, resolution, number of channels, memory and different modes available. There are different names for the same type of product: A/D cards, Digitizers, Transient Recorders, Data Acquisition Cards, Scope Cards, PC Scope and more. Learn more

Sampling Speed

The sampling speed is the main differentiation between the products. Sampling speed should be selected according to the expected signal frequency. Read more

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